Booster Fuels Coupon / Promo Code + Review

Booster Fuels Coupon

NOTE: This is a promotion. I don’t get paid to post it, if you use my Booster Fuels Coupon (70JAMESD) you get $5 off first two deliveries ($10 total) of fuel and I get $5 off my next fill up.

Booster Fuels Coupon: 70JAMESD – $5 off first two deliveries ($10 total)

I Hate getting gas

Dirty Gas Station

I loathe going to the gas pump. It’s generally out of my way unless I want to pay top dollar for fuel. Fuel is more expensive the closer you are to a major road or higher income area. The gas stations also usually smell of gas fumes (I mean it is a gas station after all). You are forced to listen to the stereo systems of inconsiderate patrons, walk around trash cans that stink in the Texas heat and are typically¬† buzzing with bees or wasps. Then if you go at night you get to deal with the shadier folks who tend ask for cash or try and sell you junk out of the trunk of their car. I repeat, I loathe going to the gas pump.

I already have the majority of items delivered to me: groceries, household supplies, electronics I order off the internet. Why not gas too?

Booster Fuels Review

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Booster Fuels CouponMy workplace recently re-located to Dallas from Fort Worth. One of the things I immediately noticed was the weird purple trucks running around the new office complex. I had no idea what they were but I started looking into it. Turns out it was a company called Booster Fuels. Shortly after we moved in they did a promotion where anyone could drive up and get a promotional fill up (Usually was about 30c/gal below normal prices). I can now get gas delivered while I’m at work? Awesome.

I was a bit skeptical at first, then I checked out the pricing. Booster even lets you compare to gas stations near you. For regular (87 octane) the prices are around a couple cents above local prices. However for premium (93 octane) the prices are actually lower than the local prices. This surprised me. I was expecting an extra 10c/gal or more to get this delivered. I’m used to most services where delivery can be more expensive than going and getting it yourself.

I usually get to my office between 8:30 and 9:30. Booster offers free delivery and guarantees delivery before 4:30PM if you make the request before 10AM. Any urgent requests and you end up paying for a priority delivery. Even the priority delivery is reasonable @ $2.99. Priority delivery will guarantee delivery before 12PM if you request by 10AM or delivery before 4:30PM if requested after 10AM.

Booster also offers additional services (in some areas). In my case, I got my windshield wipers replaced with Rain-X blades. I neglected my windshield wipers for far too long. The request was placed around 9AM and within about 2 hours the technician had fueled the car and replaced the blades.

I no longer hate getting gas

I continue to use Booster Fuels and I haven’t made a trip to the gas station since the Great Texas Gas shortage of 2017. Every time they fill up the car it’s been within a few hours of my requests. I no longer loathe getting gas and I can do it while I’m already at work.


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